A coalition of the Rosemere Neighborhood Association, Columbia Riverkeepers and Northwest Environmental Defense center sued the three Clark County Board of Commissioners and County Administrator Bill Barron alleging that Clark County’s stormwater regulations violates the Clean Water Act. Rosemere recently received a two to one opinion in it’s favor in front of Washington’s Pollution Control Hearings Board which stated that Clark County’s approach to stormwater management violated the NPDES issued by the Washington Department of Ecology. 

It appears that Rosemere is seeking an injunction against Clark County from moving forward with it’s approach to stormwater. They would also like to force Clark County to mitigate stormwater impacts for projects approved between August 2008 and December 2009. They would like fines to be assessed against the County for violation. And Rosemere is seeking these sanctions while both Clark County and the Building Industry Association of Clark County’s appeal of the PCHBs decision is in process.