In addition to approving new endorsements available in the state, the revisions also brought the OTIRO endorsement numbers in line with the corresponding Oregon Land Title Association (“OLTA”) and American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) endorsement numbers. For example, OTIRO End. No. 51 corresponds to OLTA End. No. 51 and is addressed in Section 10.051 of the OTIRO Oregon Rating Manual. For OTIRO endorsements that conform to ALTA endorsements, the OTIRO endorsement is the ALTA endorsement number with a 200 prefix. For example, OTIRO End. No. 201 corresponds to ALTA End. No. 1, and is addressed in Section 10.201 of the Rating Manual.

These changes will simplify identifying required endorsements, particularly for lenders and other parties who are more familiar with the ALTA endorsement numbers, as you no longer have to translate them into the corresponding Oregon numbers.