If you’re a nerdy, transportation history buff, then you’ll be pleased to know that Carl Abbott and Sam Lowry, Portland State University, have prepared a report on the history of Oregon’s transportation system from 1890 through 1974. Even if you’re not nerdy or a transportation history buff, Abbott and Lowry’s report is delightfully readable. Believe it or not, there actually were things that happened during that period that have led to the multi-modal transportation system we more or less take for granted now. For example, did you know that the national “Good Roads” movement was begun in 1880 by bicyclists? Makes sense when you realize that most roads up until the early to mid-20th century were mud or dust, depending on the season. Speaking of mud, the 1913 Oregon Legislature created the state highway department. Its official slogan? “Get Oregon Out of the Mud.” Hear, hear! Get on Abbott’s blog,The Urban West, to read the report.