Portland City Council will take up the issue of parking and new multi-family developments on Thursday, January 10, 2013. As noted in a previous blog entry (September 20, 2012), there has been concern by neighbors and others in the vicinity of recently constructed multi-family buildings that not enough off-street parking is being provided to new residents as part of these developments. City staff has been researching the issue and working on recommendations for minimum multi-family development parking standards. The results of staff’s research can be found by clicking on the links for Agenda Item 31 on the Council’s agenda web page. In that research, there are a couple of notable findings from a survey taken of residents of eight existing multi-family buildings. These buildings are located on commercial corridors next to lower density neighborhoods, and some of the buildings have on-site parking while others do not. First, although most of the respondents were using bikes, walking, and transit to get around, 72% of them still owned cars for occasional use. Second, only 36% of respondents used their cars for commuting. This means that most of the respondents’ cars are stored, i.e., presumably parked at their buildings or on-street in the adjacent neighborhoods, much of the time. It is also notable that the survey found that there was no relationship between a building having on-site parking available and car ownership. In other words, residents at both types of buildings had more or less the same vehicle ownership rates.