Is the family car destined to become a thing of the past? Adherents of Smart Growth have been scanning the horizon for the last 15 years, keenly attuned to any trends that might foretell the demise of the automobile and the ascendancy of bikes and transit. A recent Fortune article may warm the hearts of those who have been waiting for a definitive sign that the era of the car is waning. The article notes that miles driven by Americans have been stagnant for seven years. Is it because of the economy? A fundamental shift in attitudes about cars? Aging baby boomers who can’t drive anymore and city-bound millennials who don’t want to drive? The author’s article says that it’s too soon to tell, and hints that there could be some backsliding toward more automobile use in the future. A quick survey of the Web reveals that there is no shortage of answers or speculation there, either. It is hard to imagine that Americans will ever really give up access to the freedom, independence, and flexibility that having one’s own car provides, but it is also clear that people like to have transportation choices and will use different modes, if available, to meet different trip types. Take a look at the following and decide for yourself: