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Affordable Housing – Term of Day

Affordable Housing—GMA requires that local jurisdictions in their comprehensive plan’s plan for the “provision of affordable housing for all economic segments of the community” and that each jurisdiction take it’s fair share. See RCW 36.70A.070(2) and WAC §365-195-310.… Continue Reading

Are You Living at Home With Your Parents? Apparently You are Not Alone.

An interesting blog piece here from Calculated Risk elaborating on a graph from economist Tom Lawler showing a skyrocketing percentage of people aged 24-34 moving back in with their parents. As I suggested in an earlier demographics article, we have seen an increase in group housing, multi-party leases and children moving back in with their parents due to a … Continue Reading

Case Schiller Index for the Northwest

The November Case Schiller report on housing was released this morning and indicates that there have been price declines in Portland and Seattle housing and housing prices will likely decline further in the coming months. But on a positive note however is that the rate of decline seems to have slowed and remains consistent with the other … Continue Reading

FTGU Blog – Clark County Takes A Fee Holiday

A couple of weeks ago the Clark County Board of Commissioners took a step similar to that of Gresham and announced a “Fee Holiday” for certain types of land use applications.  You can find a copy of the Clark County Ordinance here by scrolling down and looking under Clark County Ordinance 2010-10-04. This is a concerted effort by Clark County … Continue Reading

Realistic Long-run Housing Price Trends

This article fits my observations with realistic long-run housing price trends. Avoid the slot machine mentality, and over 20 years home equity can grow. See Portland highlighted as the biggest gainer, but I suspect that may be explained more by 1990 being a cyclical economic low point to measure from than any special magic. (As much as … Continue Reading