Our From the Ground Up team combines superior technical expertise with a big-picture understanding of clients’ projects. Our approach lets clients choose between a comprehensive package of real estate services, which provides a “start to finish” solution, and a “pick and choose” menu of focused legal and planning services. We pride ourselves on our relationship-based ability to work with local jurisdictions, elected officials, property owners, lenders, agencies, and others as necessary to bring value to clients and the community. “From the Ground Up” is a unique approach that will provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective, and timely land development legal services.

Real Estate

Our team brings focused diligence to help you understand, maximize value, and avoid surprises when buying, selling, financing, developing, leasing, and constructing real estate assets. Our lawyers listen carefully, and then guide you to your objectives, using our experience to structure, negotiate, document, and manage your specific real estate asset transaction. We understand the perspective of lenders and investors in project financing, as well as the urgent project cycle demands of developers, long-term owners, and major tenants in residential, commercial, retail, and industrial real estate projects in Oregon and Washington. Our team also coordinates specialized tax, land use, litigation, and environmental assistance with your team of real estate professionals to get your real estate project to the finish line when you need results.

Land Use

Our land use attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help get your development completed and solve land use challenges all across Oregon and Washington. From cutting through the intricacies of the City of Portland master planning regulations for a large hospital to siting a new four-tower mixed-use office and residential project in the City of Vancouver, navigating complex development challenges relating to the replacement of Seattle’s seawall and viaduct, or guiding clients through the permitting and entitlement process in smaller cities, our land use attorneys know how to get things done. Our working style is fair, but tough when needed, multilevel, and forthright. We work well as part of a team with the client and other consultants, as well as independently. We understand the nature of the government process, some of us having worked in government, and we know how to use our relationships to make that process work successfully and efficiently for our clients. A “higher-level conversation” is part of our strategy with staff and elected officials alike. We keep them focused, not only on the technical issues, but on the value of our clients’ projects in the community. From annexations to zoning issues, we listen and we can help.


Our experienced construction lawyers serve the public and private construction industry, representing owners, agencies, developers, general contractors, specialty subcontractors, suppliers, and testing laboratories in all aspects of construction law. Our clients include national and international contractors doing business in the Northwest and local and regional companies in the private and public sectors. From inception of a new project through its completion, we advise clients about the best structure for construction and development projects; negotiate design and construction contracts; prepare construction management agreements; address code and regulatory issues; assist with insurance, licensure, and bonding matters; assist in implementing proper compliance procedures; and audit projects and claims. Additionally we have successfully negotiated and litigated matters on behalf of clients in contract disputes, payment claims, delays and terminations; insurance claims and negotiations; construction liens; construction defects; bond claims and surety law; professional errors and omissions; government contracting and regulations; and contractor licensure.


Our team of experienced practitioners works with clients on all types of environmental and natural resources matters—compliance, transactional, enforcement defense, and litigation. We have extensive experience assisting clients through the investigation and cleanup of contamination, including at federal and state Superfund and brownfield redevelopment sites, resolving Superfund liability and natural resource damage claims, and negotiating administrative orders, consent decrees, and prospective purchaser agreements. Our team is adept at advising clients on regulatory and permitting compliance matters involving air, water, wetlands, hazardous waste, natural resources, and climate change. We also counsel clients regarding construction and development projects that invoke issues concerning the Endangered Species Act, NEPA, and SEPA. As a natural extension of our environmental team’s experience, we also assist clients with environmental litigation and insurance coverage needs.