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Oregon Presses Pause on Foreclosures, Payment Defaults, and Evictions

This was originally published on our blog, Bank Law Monitor.  In an effort to provide relief to homeowners, businesses, landlords, and tenants affected by COVID-19, Governor Brown signed two bills that impose significant limitations on lenders and landlords. Under HB 4204, lenders cannot foreclose on loans secured by real estate in Oregon and must defer … Continue Reading

Poorly Drafted Leases Can Cause Headaches for Tenants and Landlords (Part I of II)

These 10 common problem areas can easily be avoided by paying attention to details. It’s a dangerous world out there. We cannot eliminate all risks. But a well-drafted lease can minimize risk, and a poorly drafted lease can unnecessarily create serious problems for either a landlord or a tenant. Following are instances in which a … Continue Reading

Landlords and Tenants: In the New Economy – Understanding How Your Office Footage is Measured

As the economy slowly improves, a lot of previously vacant office space is now being re-leased at historically low rental rates. This is giving both landlords and tenants the opportunity to modify the manner in which square footage is measured for purposes of determining the rent. In negotiating leases, the parties need to know what … Continue Reading